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Sonic Automotive is a Fortune 500 company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is the fifth largest automotive retailer in the United States. The company's founder and Executive Chairman O. Bruton Smith is also the Executive Chairman and a director of Speedway Motorsports (NYSE: TRK).

Sonic Automotive operates in 14 states with more than 100 dealerships representing 25 different brands of automobiles. The dealerships market new and used cars, replacement parts and vehicle maintenance, as well as collision repair services.

A former employee said "Long hours in Sonic Automotive. No Work/Life Balance and pay is not competitive. The company has history of layoffs. No Severance Package offered during Pandemic, discriminatory practices against women especially pregnant women to avoid paying on medical leave."


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Former Employee - Manager says

"COO is childish and jumps to conclusions ruining people’s careers in the process. Very unprofessional and all of the managers are quick to tell you how “Christian” they are. Very phony with lots of cronyism."

Former Employee - Service Technician says

"The pay is very low for a technician with experience"

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"No sense of leadership, GM always out on trips not doing anything for the dealership- management acting like owners of the establishment overstepping power boundaries"

Current Employee - Sales Person says

"These place has made me literally hate the car industry. I can’t wait to leave elsewhere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Long Hours, No Work/Life Balance, Pay is not competitive, Company has history of layoffs, No Severance Package offered during Pandemic, Discriminatory practices against women especially pregnant women to avoid paying on medical leave."

Former Employee - Sales says

"They don’t care about you."

Former Employee - GENERAL SALES MANAGER says

"Management allows no flexibility within deals, pay plan is awful, and you will be working north of 70 hours per week"

Former Employee - SERVICE ADVISOR says

"Management is terrible. They are incompetent, mean and ineffective. You will dread every work day."

Former Employee - SERVICE ADVISOR says

"Stressful, demoralizing, lack of training, poor service management, alot of fraudulent activities"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management talks down to you, they make you feel like garbage, they with hold work (both in sales and service) unless your part of the boys club. No technical training unless your part of the boys club."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"They do things based off their personal feelings as opposed to the job that is being done. If there is a personal vendetta, that they will make an excuse to get rid of you. N/aA lot"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management needs to listen to their employees more instead of sitting behind the desk giving orders. Finance managers should not be instructing the Sales associates the Sales Managers should be.Can’t really think of any, unlimited smoke breaksEverything else"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management was terrible and department heads were conniving. Learned a lot to help future growth in other positions but ultimately was not willing to be treated poorly. Pay was below average"

SSC ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"I wish I could give them no stars! Your immediate supervisors are "clicky" as if they were still in high school, very childish behavior. Upper management only cares about the all mighty dollar. They could care less about how your manager treats you.NoneThe whole organization from corporate to ssc to the dealerships"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Don’t do it! Unless you enjoy working longer hours for less pay. Never opportunities for promotions even after more than a decade. Terrible company that is only worried about one thing....... And it’s not it’s employees."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Lack managment and support Overword and underpaid. Poor teamwork. Felt bullied No one takes any accountability. I wouldn't recommend this work place."

Technician (Current Employee) says

"I fear retaliation from Sonic Corporation. Stay as far away from them as possible. If you don't make them a lot of money your time is limited. Do not think for one second your manager has your back cause they are the worst ones. You can call the hotline and get anyone fired here. They just fired 10 people due to Covid cause they lost money in the stock market not cause we have a lack of work. No one monitors the shop till 3 days before budget then the Manager starts to care. Techs do whatever they want and there is no punishment. Work place culture is toxic. Don't work hard its not worth it. Techs are racist toward parts guys. Writers verbally abuse techs and nothing is ever done."

Finance Director (Former Employee) says

"They said I signed two pay plans ( I did not) then under payed me for 2 months I showed proof of my signed pay plan and never got results vary dishonest company"

Service Cashier (Former Employee) says

"This was by far the worst place I have worked at, the management is nothing as I expected, very all over the place and unprofessional. Definitely don’t recommend you work here. Pay was not worth everything you go through there."

NOC Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Managers are not on the same page. They will command you to do one thing when you were told to do something different by a higher up. They lie to you and say they have your back but this never was the case."

Crew Member and Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Sonic was a decent job, there were a few rude customers but mostly they were friendly and try to engage in a conversation with you. Everyone that worked there got along and there wasn't any drama really because of our age differencesFriendly staffNo life and didn't get the days I asked for"

Fast Track Program to become a General Manager (Former Employee) says

"They are losing money, and will lay off employees first. TheCEO makes $26.2 million a year and will not take a pay cut to save the workers. I do not recommend anyone to work there"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"I would not work for Sonic again. It's a continuous revolving door. They attempted to recruit good people out of their secure jobs as test subjects for positions that they are toying with and when they get them, they just throw you out into the field without any tools. There was no real systems training, job training and the communication is terrible. There is a lot of improvement that could've been made if they would stop their knee jerk reactions and irrational decisions. They could retain valuable and skilled talent if the powers that be in sonic land would just sit, listen to their employees and implement long-term improvement strategy instead of making hasty decisions. They have lost a lot of good people because of that.Good Concept For BusinessPoor Execution and Follow Through"

E-sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"this is the most unprofessionally ran company- things change DAILY- there is no norm- to many major impact on family- extreme pay changes at the drop of a hat-"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Pay plan sucks managers are order takers then try to fuss at you hated everyday I was there busted my behind my first month and only made 1300 dollars off 9.5 carsLunch on SaturdayEverything else"

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"They do not pay well Always saying no money but had a party on the show room floor all the time. Management sucked HR was worst Then executives blow into town and spend a bunch of .money on some moral mess disgusting Worked there 5 years an they wouldn't give me a 50 cent raise They allowed an employee to bully the staff and only after several several complaints was sje fired. But they still allowed her to coma back any time she wanted and go any where in the dealership. Service parts. questions asked after being fired.techs were nicesonic automotive. they are crooks"

Cashier/Warranty Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Management not attentive to associate health and welfare Reviews not given even with repeated request Raises given primarily to associates belonging to unions only"

Service Advisor (Current Employee) says

"Sonic Automotive is a joke..the only thing they care about is how much money that you have made for them. The pay plans are base..100% commission. Hard to make a living. The hours are long 50 hours a week and the management is so disconected from reality it's not funny. Sonic pushes to squeeze every penny from it's customers without any regaurds for thier loyalty. Do yourself a favor...go apply somewhere else...Cheap insurance..Long hours...little pay"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Totally disorganized with poorly implemented rules. For example: you had to wear the company shirt. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size, so they gave me one that was three sizes too big. Needless to say, I looked less than professional. When I asked if I could wear my own clothes until the correct shirt size arrived, I was told that they had been on back order for months, so I should walk around wearing what looked like a tent. I also needed an ipad and key fob to do my job and of course, they were on back order too.Bear in mind, Sonic has instituted a no-haggle pricing policy. That means $200 mini commissions on all sales. That was the reason the guy I was replacing left. It was also causing very low morale among the remaining staff.Another example of management's folly: they made us take an online course on work gloves and boots (I'm not kidding), which had nothing to do with our sales jobs.Only work here if you are desperate for a direct manager had been in the car business for years and was very generous with his knowledge.everything else."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Here we do not lack meetings, daily!The pay got lower and lower and the demands are higher. Expensive benefits and no family or life balance.Is hard to imagine you sell 10 cars and make $200 mini and take home less than $2000. No bonuses!The turn over is terrible and the managers do not know how to manage.too many to list"

Errin S says

"Partsgeek sent me 2 struts for a front wheel drive Ford Edge. My vehicle is an all wheel drive. The struts sent to me were the ones that partsgeek listed for my vehicle. After hours of trying to install realized there was no way these were going to fit. Checked on another website and learned that front wheel drive and AWD use different struts. Contact partsgeek and learn they will accept return but buyer is responsible for entire shipping cost regardless of who's at fault. Are you kidding me? 2 complete struts were sent to me in Colorado from Kansas but I had to ship them to Massachusetts to return them. It cost $130 to ship them. Partsgeek did credit me the money for the parts returned but nothing, not even store credit for the $130 they stole from me. Never again. Terrible business policy. Terrible website."

Tim Wood says

"Ordered Fender Flares for a 2010 Chevy Suburban LTZ. Flares came in and were over 3 in short for both rear flares. They informed me that I could return them but it was on my dime. Needless to say, shipping was $161 to return a part that cost $350. And there is no guarantee that they will credit my part. If part is defective, I should not have to pay for the return shipping, but with your company,k I will never do business with again. Total bullcrap. You know the part is bad that is why it's $50 less than all the other vendors. Then when you have to pay almost half the price to return and no guarantee on refund, I bet most keep the CRAPPY CRAPPY part."

Thoms Badwin says

"I ordered a Part for my Ford Explorer, my part was shipped to me via ups and received a tracking number, i waited for it to be delivered to To me within a few days. At the end i finally went to the UPS with the tracking number and they could not find it and I was told that a person would be assigned to look for it. I was told that when they have located the Item I will be informed. I waited a couple more days and never received the call. So i went back to UPS And i asked the supervisor To print up the tracking process. On the report it stated that it was returned to the shipper for insufficient address. Then I called Parts Geek to send it to me with the address I put in the order through customer service I was informed that I needed to make another order. My account gad already been charged. They wouldn’t just resend and there would be another charge in my account and I will receive a credit when I call back thecustomer service office. Its been almost a month and still haven’t receuced the part yet."

Jeffrey Cooksey says

"PartsGeek shipped the wrong part and it was shipped in shrink wrapped. The customer service person on the phone acted like it was my fault and was no help. He actually hung up on me. No cursing or poor behavior on my part as I know that everyone is on edge during this pandemic. I assume it was returned but I dont see any credit yet. Much easier to shop local with more expertise and less hassle. Sorry I tried."

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